The Best Lifestyle Design Blogs

It’s not easy starting and maintaining a lifestyle design blog, because there are already so many good ones out there.

Seriously, the competition is fierce.

However, instead of feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by the excellent calibre of competitor blogs, I’m an advocate of instead drawing on them for ideas and inspiration.

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I take inspiration from a number of well-established blogs, and I wanted to give a shout out to a few of my favourites. Here’s my list the best lifestyle design blogs, all of which have directly influenced From Desk to Dawn.

Milk the Pigeon

As disturbing as the image of milking a pigeon is, it’s a clever name for a clever blog. The blog shows readers how to live an awesome life, something which is considered as hard as milking a pigeon (i.e. really hard). It appeals specifically to lost 20-somethings (I’m one, you’re one, we’re all one) and does a great job of kickstarting some inspiration.

Cordelia Calls It Quits

Put simply, this woman is a legend, and her blog is a favourite of mine. She’s an advocate of quitting shit that doesn’t make you happy and following your dreams. She has this neat Quits List which links to detailed accounts of stuff she’s quit, as well as links to guest bloggers’ accounts of stuff they’ve quit. Her approach is fresh and her attitude of putting yourself first is infectious.

Live Your Legend

This one is all about following your passion, which is (no surprise) a passion of mine too! The site has a great way of making us lost wanderers feel less alone and like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Beneficially, the site also provides a great free toolkit which is actually really helpful. It aims to help us identify what work it is we love and want to do. Interestingly, the site is now run by Chelsea Dinsmore, who is the widowed wife of the guy who started it – the late Scott Dinsmore.

Escaping the 9 to 5

This one is slightly awkward for me to mention, considering my blog tagline is #escapethe9to5. Yes, like many newbie bloggers, when starting this blog I might have failed to do my research. I was Jon Snow back then. Not anymore.

Anyway, I love this blog! Maren Kate, who runs it, is a badass entrepreneur and blogger who advocates becoming a freelancer who is location independent. She’s actually managed to do it, which is certainly inspiring for those of us still aspiring to digital nomadism.

The Middle Finger Project

Ash Ambirge is a boss babe, a powerful woman with flair, and a truthsayer extraordinaire. In a world full of nice polite shit, it’s so refreshing to read a lifestyle design blog laden with expletives – I love it! Whilst her story is similar to other career hacks turned bloggers, she tells her tale with punch and zest that I’ve literally not seen anywhere else. Also, she’s from a trailer park originally – and who doesn’t love a rags to riches story? You go girl!


These few others are great too, make sure you check them out:

My hat goes off to everyone behind each of these blogs – you guys are an inspiration!


Any others that should be added to the list of the best lifestyle design blogs? Comment your favourites!